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Get up to 30% off your annual plan for a lifetime! (Ends June 30)

Intellectual Property

Step by step legal guides on intellectual property related topics

Unsure whether to become a Licensee or Franchisee? Find out the difference and which one is the best for your business.

Recent Articles

'Fair use' can be an important defence to any intellectual property allegation. Read on to find out how fair use can apply to trademarks.
Find out if you can protect your phrase in this post!
You've heard of trademarks, but what is a composite trademark? Hint hint: you already know the popular ones! Read on and find out.
Patent vs design? Both tools protect new ideas and products. Find out how they compliment each other and how they are different.
Data scraping refers to the ability of a web browser to imitate actions that users would be able to perform on the original website. But is this legal? Read our guide to find out.
Has someone illegally used your trademark? Not sure what the difference is between passing off vs trademark infringement? Find out more here.

Most Popular Articles

Document management is a big part of modern business, as collections of internal and external data allow businesses to monitor their performance, maximise their marketing and meet compliance requirements. Once documents have served their initial use, it can be tricky knowing how long to store documents, especially given the costs of storing data in a secure manner. 
Have you ever wondered how long a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) can last? Read this article to find out.
Copyright assignment allows you to transfer the rights of you intellectual property. Learn more about how this will affect you.
What are the 13 Australian privacy principles? Read this article for a breakdown of each privacy principle.
Do you own any rights to the photos you post on social media? What if someone uses them without your permission? Find out more about your rights to your images here.

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