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Impartiality and objectivity are key traits of the law. The arm's length principle helps preserve this. Read more about this principle here.

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How might recent events make us reconsider the rights of the dead? Rights relating to defamation, disparagement and integrity are discussed in this article.
A limited liability partnership is different to standard partnerships in that partners are not liable for the business's finances. Find out more here.
Received a concerns notice? Whether or not you've defamed someone, you need to decide how (or if) you're going to respond. Read about it in this article.
When looking to lease a commercial property, you may come across a lease incentive known as 'Rent Abatement'. Read about it in this article.
Find out whether or not contract termination fees are legal and everything you need to know about them.
Are you a contractor looking to sub-contract? If so, you should be paying attention to your head contract. Read on to learn more.

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Have you ever wondered whether there is a statute of limitations in Australia? Read this article to find out.
Some legal documents require a person's signature to be witnessed. So who can be a witness? Read our guide to find out more.
Not sure whether a contract can be terminated? Learn about two common ways of termination, repudiation and rescission - and how they differ.

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