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How to Open Your Own Bakery Business

How to Open Your Own Bakery Business

Have you been considering opening your own bakery business? Our article breaks down several steps you should consider to ensure a successful business.

31st October 2019

Everyone loves bakeries. Numerous successful bakeries have transformed into national businesses – for example, Baker’s Delight. Therefore, it can be a successful and fruit adventure if it’s what you’re passionate about. Below, we break down how you can open your own Bakery.

Educational training

In Australia, to become a baker you generally have to complete either an apprenticeship or traineeship. An apprenticeship will be done through an employer where you learn the skills and methods they use. Alternatively, you can get a Certificate III in Bread Baking or a Certificate III in Baking through TAFE.

Registering your business

You must register your bakery business for it to be legal. Registering a company is a fairly straightforward process. Once completed, your company is a recognised entity.


To run a successful bakery, it needs to be in the right location. Whilst this will be largely up to you, it is recommended to scout a shopping centre without a bakery. This will allow you to enter the market without competition, and provides you with a monopoly over pricing and what you serve. In contrast, if you choose to run your bakery near other bakeries, you may run into the issue of customer loyalty and restricted prices.


As a baker, you don’t want to spend all day managing your store’s finances – it’s not what you’re there for. Your energy will be better spent focused on baking and promoting your business. To handle your finances, it is recommended to file your receipts and use a platform such as Xero. This ensures that your business adheres to the relevant taxation laws, whilst maximising returns for your bakery.

Opening your stores

There are two key ingredients that you’ll need once you’ve done the above steps – equipment to cook with and customers.

Cooking equipment

Before you can actually use your baking skills, you require equipment. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Oven.
  • Refrigerator.
  • Various ingredients.
  • Display shelves.


To ensure longevity of your bakery, you require customers. In fact, this will be the most important part of your business. To attract customers, your business will require advertising. The method of how you do this is up to you. However, social media presence and taste testing products are common methods bakeries use to succeed.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, running your own bakery, whilst difficult, can be an extremely rewarding venture. Through following the recommended steps, you can ensure that your bakery has the greatest chance at success. For further enquiries, a business lawyer may be able to assist.

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Kyle McIndoe

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