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Incentivise Employees

You can now issue equity to new or existing employees and motivate them by aligning their interests with those of shareholders.

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Standardised Forms

We use the standard ESS legal documents drafted by one of Australia’s leading law firms on behalf of the ATO.

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Share Value Calculator

Our interactive calculator helps you determine the market value of your shares under the safe harbour rules.

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Issue ESOP

We even help you create the offer letter and plan so all you need to do is hand it to your employee.


Ready in Minutes

Our plain-English interview allows you to create your ESS in minutes, saving you hours.


Cloud Legal

With LawPath’s cloud technology you can access and complete your ESS documents at any time, from any device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ESS?

An Employee Share Scheme (also known as ESS or ESOP) is an employee incentive and remuneration structure that commonly involves providing shares, or rights to acquire shares in a company (or its parent company) to an employee of that company. These shares or rights to acquire shares are offered at a discount, and are subject to restrictions on vesting and sale. An ESS essentially provides an employee with part ownership of his/her employer, and is intended to boost performance and loyalty.

What are the benefits of an ESS?

There are several benefits of having an ESS, including:

  • Incentivising employees to help a company grow;
  • Supporting the growth and competitiveness of small and innovative businesses;
  • Retaining talent within Australia;
  • Aligning the company’s interests with the employee’s interests; and
  • Encouraging positive working relationships and good corporate governance.
How do I know if I'm eligible?

You're eligible for Easy ESS if you're:

  • An Australian company;
  • Your turnover is under $50 million;
  • You're not publicly listed; and
  • Your business is less than 10 years old.
Is Easy ESS suitable for my business?

Although you may be eligible, an ESS is not going to be for every company. We highly recommend you read the in-depth guide provided upon signing up before starting.

Do I need an accountant or lawyer?

Your initial ESS can be completed without a lawyer or accountant, however it's highly recommended to have your documents reviewed by an accountant and lawyer to ensure it's completely suitable for your business. We have a network of expert lawyers and accountants who can provide fixed-price quotes for all things ESS.

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