What Is An Occupational Health and Safety Lawyer?

Occupational health and safety (OHS) lawyers assist individuals and businesses in the public and private sector by ensuring their compliance with workplace health and safety laws. OHS lawyers will provide quality advice on what changes need to be made to create a safe work environment. These lawyers will inform you of any risks that have a detrimental impact on the health and safety of those in your workplace.

OHS lawyers will assess your business’ policies, and keep you accountable to your legal obligations. Some examples of what services OHS lawyers provide are:

  • Compliance with workplace safety standards to minimise injury and illness.
  • Assessment of risks and identification of measures to prevent them.
  • Determining whether your working environment and facilities meets legal requirements and codes.
  • Assisting with applications for insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.

Why Do I Need An Occupational Health and Safety Lawyer?

OHS lawyers should always be the first point of contact for every business owner. As workplace health and safety laws constantly change and heavily regulated, it is prudent to consult with OHS lawyers. OHS lawyers are trained professionals who have the expertise to interpret and apply the law to your situation. OHS lawyers can anticipate and mitigate issues that arise in any workplace environment. These lawyers will take action accordingly, and are highly experienced at handling any proceedings that arise from a claim made against you. Expert OHS lawyers want your business to succeed in the long run, which is why they are committed to protecting your business.

How Much Will An Occupational Health and Safety Lawyer Charge?

Usually, OHS lawyers, and lawyers in general, charge either a fixed amount or an hourly rate. Also, fees are calculated based on the solicitor’s expertise, seniority, location and whether the work is urgent.

Our aim at LawPath is to provide you with legal options that are fast, affordable and tailored to your needs. We’ll connect you with an experienced OHS lawyer that is best suited to your individual needs. This allows you to choose the solution which is best tailored to your situation.

What Will An Occupational Health and Safety Lawyer Provide?

OHS lawyers will instruct and guide business owners throughout the life of their business while keeping their best interests in mind. You can confidently trust and rely on OHS lawyers who excel at providing practical solutions that will help you identify, assess and prevent risks. OHS lawyers will also inform you of your legal obligations in relation to incident response and crisis management.

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