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What is a Drug Offence Lawyer?

Drug offence lawyers work within the criminal legal sector and focus on defending individuals that are charged with drug offences. Drug offences come in a variety of forms, from the possession of different quantities and types of drugs to varying levels of drug dealing, trafficking and manufacturing. Many of these offences will vary depending on the state or territory you are in. A drug offence lawyer will have expertise in this area of criminal law and primarily focuses on defending individuals who have been charged with a drug offence. Their work will often involve representing clients through legal proceedings and advise clients on possible penalties and the best way to plea.

Why do I need a Drug Offence Lawyer?

Being charged with a drug offence is serious, and depending on the charge, there are substantial penalties including possible gaol time. Generally, any drug charge will have a penalty and will almost always require some form of a court appearance. If you have been charged with possession, dealing, trafficking, or manufacturing it will be best to engage with a drug offence lawyer.

How much will a Drug Offence Lawyer charge?

Charges from a drug offence lawyer will be similar to that from a general criminal lawyer. It is likely that a lawyer will have a free initial consultation or one at a set cost. After this, they will charge by the hour based on the depth of your charge and the work required. If your matter ends up in the court system and depending on your plea, a drug offence lawyer may instruct a barrister to appear on your behalf. Employing a barrister will bring additional costs including costs associated with going through the court system.

What will a Drug Offence Lawyer provide?

Drug offence lawyers will advise you directly on any questions you have regarding your charge. This may include possible penalties, court processes, pleas and defences. If your matter needs to go to court, a lawyer will work on your case, ensuring all appropriate documents are filed, if required they may employ a barrister to argue your defence. Lawyers that understand the processes surrounding drug offences will try to resolve the charge through the most appropriate method, depending on any possible defences, they will advise you on what to plea to ensure minimal criminal and financial penalties are delivered.