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What is an Insolvency Lawyer?

Insolvency lawyers handle matters that evolve when a business goes into insolvency. Insolvency is essentially where a company is unable to repay the debts that it owes. It will occur for both companies and individuals, and when insolvency occurs, an insolvency lawyer will be employed to implement the right insolvency procedures. Procedures include; voluntary administration, liquidation, receivership, bankruptcy and personal insolvency agreements.

Why do I need an Insolvency Lawyer?

Insolvency is an extremely complicated area of law. It is crucial that you seek legal guidance from an experienced insolvency lawyer, especially when your company is struggling to pay, or cannot repay its debts. These lawyers are experts in the processes surrounding insolvency. They ensure that you are properly informed of your rights and the processes that you will need to follow.

How much will an Insolvency Lawyer charge?

Due to the complex nature of insolvency matters, a lawyer in this field can be expensive. Insolvency lawyers generally charge on an hourly basis. The lengthier the process, the higher the legal cost, especially the case if your matter ends up in court.

Our aim at LawPath is to provide affordable and transparent legal solutions. Our network of lawyers includes experts in insolvency matters, allowing you to compare and select the lawyer best suited to your needs.

What will an Insolvency Lawyer provide?

An insolvency lawyer will provide an affordable, appropriate and effective solution to your matter. Insolvency lawyers will provide you with expert legal advice with the ultimate goal of ensuring your interests are fulfilled. If your company is nearing insolvency or struggling to pay back its debts, a lawyer in this field will provide you with the best possible way forward.