LawPath provides you with pre-qualified clients directly to your inbox

Clients from all over Australia use LawPath to hire lawyers and manage the day-to-day legal requirements of running a business.

lead generation

Free Leads

We work as an outsourced marketing and business development department for your firm. It's never been easier to get in front of new clients.

qualified clients

Pre-Vetted Clients

Only receive potential jobs from clients that have been pre-vetted by our sales teams.

save money

Guaranteed Payments

We collect payment from clients so you can be confident you are paid on time. Never chase legal bills again.

How it Works

Receive Client Brief

Once vetted, we'll send you the client and job details.

step 2 quote

Provide Fixed-Price Quote

Speak to the client to scope the job then send us your quote.

step 3 complete and validate

Win the Job

We'll notify when you've won the job so you can get started.

How much does LawPath cost?

It is 100% free to be on the LawPath Platform. You will receive legal briefs for free after the clients have been pre-vetted by LawPath.

How does LawPath make money?

Each quote that a client receives contains a legal fee for the lawyer and a platform transaction fee that is kept by LawPath.

How long does it take to get approved?

We are always eager to bring on experienced business lawyers and aim to respond to applicants as quickly as possible. Depending on the number of applicants, approval time can range from 24 hours to a couple of weeks.

LawPath provides services for:

Small-medium businesses

Small-Medium Businesses


Corporate & Enterprise

In-house legal

In-House Legal





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