Case Study: Buddiup - Navigating Growth and Legal Challenges with Lawpath

Buddiup, founded and managed by Alastair, is a Perth-based organisation dedicated to providing health and wellbeing programs and services for young men with intellectual and learning disabilities. In operation for three years, Buddiup has seen significant growth, expanding its reach to about a hundred participants weekly and employing 30 to 35 casual mentors. The recent launch of Sister Up marks its ambition to offer similar services to young females with disabilities.

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As Buddiup expanded, particularly with its venture into the Victorian market through a license agreement in Geelong, the need for robust legal support became evident. Alistair sought a solution that could offer both reliability and affordability, addressing the intimidation and financial concerns commonly associated with legal services.

Lawpath having the fixed price work really gave me the confidence to progress with the license agreement... it was a super quick process from engagement to phone call to getting the job complete.

The Lawpath Solution

Lawpath emerged as the chosen partner for Buddiup, initially engaged for drafting the crucial license agreement for expansion. The partnership grew to encompass a yearly subscription that offers access to consultations, a document library, and assistance with trademarking and IP management. Lawpath’s fixed pricing model and quick turnaround times provided the certainty and efficiency that Buddiup needed.

If there's ever any sticky legal questions that we need some advice on, being able to jump on a 30-minute call without having the worry of getting charged is something that's quite beneficial for us.

Impact and Growth

The collaboration with Lawpath has had a multifaceted impact on Buddiup:

Legal Confidence

The fixed pricing and quick process offered by Lawpath have given Buddiup the confidence to tackle legal challenges head-on, ensuring compliance and safeguarding the brand.

Operational Efficiency

Access to Lawpath’s document library and 30-minute consultations has not only solved immediate legal queries but also highlighted areas of the business that required attention, sparking improvements.

Business Growth

With Lawpath’s support, Buddiup is poised for further expansion, using the Geelong license agreement as a benchmark for exploring opportunities in Eastern states and growing Sister Up.

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Buddiup’s journey underscores the critical role of accessible and efficient legal services in enabling growth and innovation for small businesses. Through its partnership with Lawpath, Buddiup not only navigated its immediate legal challenges but also laid a foundation for sustainable expansion and operational improvement.

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