Case Study: Flexi Job Enterprises and Lawpath

Damian Crompton, the founder and managing director of Flexi Job Enterprises, developed an app called Flexi Job. This innovative platform serves as a marketplace connecting job providers with job seekers, particularly addressing the skilled worker shortage in the construction and related industries like transport, manufacturing, and warehousing.

Advice covered by Lawpath

Start-up Legal
Contract Drafting
Company structures
Legal Compliance Advice


Damian faced multiple challenges in establishing his startup. With no prior experience in handling the legal intricacies of starting a business, he needed reliable, expert guidance to navigate company structure, shareholder agreements, and the creation of necessary policies for his app.

Lawpath really guided me through with advice from setting up the company structure to developing privacy policies and terms and conditions for the app.

The Lawpath Solution

Lawpath played a pivotal role in empowering Damian's startup by providing comprehensive legal support, which encompassed crucial aspects such as structuring the company and establishing corporate trustees, drafting essential documents like privacy policies and terms and conditions for the app and website, as well as facilitating seamless shareholder subscriptions and agreements during investor onboarding.

After the consultation with the lawyers, it was quite an easy process. I was quite unfamiliar, but they really, really guided me through that process... So Lawpath has helped me solve plenty of problems to date, especially with the startup of the company and the startup of the app.

Impact and Growth

With Lawpath’s invaluable assistance, Damian accomplished several key milestones: ensuring his startup complied with all legal requirements, thereby establishing a robust foundation; attaining peace of mind through meticulous vetting of legal documents by professionals; and experiencing significant time savings and stress reduction, empowering him to concentrate on business growth and expansion into new markets.

The specific features I like about the Lawpath plan would definitely be able to within a day's notice, generally get on the phone for up to half an hour with one of the lawyers.

Future Aspirations

Damian envisions significant growth for Flexi Job in the future. His plans include establishing Flexi Job as one of Australia's leading marketplaces for job seekers and job providers, especially through the app. Initially focused on the construction industry due to his background, Damian also sees potential in expanding the app’s reach to other sectors such as transportation, warehousing, and manufacturing, addressing niche needs in these fields as well.

We have big plans for Flexi Job in the future. We hope to be one of Australia's providing marketplace for job seekers and job providers throughout the Flexi Job app. I think what we've got to offer and the launch coming in May this year, it's going to see a large growth over the coming years.

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