Case Study: Damien, Co-founder of gridmo

Case Study: Damien, Co-founder of gridmo

gridmo, co-founded by Damien, is a B2B SaaS software company specialising in automating grid connection studies for new solar and wind farms in Australia and worldwide. As a small but growing startup, Damien's role covers a wide range of responsibilities, from software development to operations and legal and accounting tasks.

Advice covered by Lawpath

Contract Drafting
Legal Compliance Advice
Intellectual Property Protection
Dispute Resolution

Comprehensive Legal Needs for a Startup

From inception to scale, Lawpath has been the legal backbone for gridmo, delivering a full spectrum of essential legal services. Our journey with gridmo began on just their third day of setting up the business, providing a solid foundation with services spanning company constitution, customer contracts, and customised non-disclosure agreements.

Lawpath has helped us run our business from a legal perspective.

Affordable and Easy Legal Solutions

gridmo tapped into Lawpath's Legal Advice Plan, a game-changer for startups managing their budget wisely. The ability to schedule 30-minute consultations with seasoned lawyers not only proved financially savvy but became a cornerstone of gridmo's decision-making process.

The ability to book a 30-minute meeting with a lawyer... has been extremely valuable.

Efficient and Accessible Legal Resources

Lawpath's expansive document library and direct access to experienced legal counsel enabled Damien to make swift, informed decisions. This efficiency meant gridmo could dedicate more time to what they do best: enhancing their revolutionary software and engaging with potential clients.

We got the answers we were seeking and therefore it was back to customers and building the software for us.

Impact and Future Goals

gridmo has leveraged Lawpath's services to streamline their legal processes, allowing them to focus on business development and customer engagement. Their immediate future goal is to use their Lawpath account for hiring processes, while the long-term vision involves reducing the time for grid connection studies significantly, both in Australia and beyond.

Lawpath has been very helpful to us as a small business, both from the legal advice perspective but also the discounts on additional work for bespoke legal work. You are not running your business for the legal aspect... so at gridmo, we've tried to hand over that work to Lawpath and it's been very helpful for us so far.


gridmo's experience with Lawpath underscores the importance of scalable, efficient legal services for startups. Lawpath's comprehensive, cost-effective solutions have enabled gridmo to focus on their core business activities and continue to innovate.

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