Case Study: Daniela Wilson - Mini IV Therapy

Daniela Wilson - CEO of MiNi IV Therapy represents a unique solution within the healthcare sector, aiming to bridge the gap between general practitioners' need for intravenous therapy services and their lack of capacity. By recruiting experienced registered nurses to form a mobile team, her business provides on-site intravenous treatments, ensuring both patient-centric care and support for doctors.

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As a fledgling enterprise striving to lay its foundational bricks, Daniela faced multifaceted challenges, particularly in navigating the complex legal landscape of the health industry. With concerns spanning from compliance with the privacy act to securing contracts that protect all parties involved, the daunting task of legal management loomed, especially given the high anticipated costs of legal services.

Everything legal particularly when you don't have background and law it's kind scary...So it just was holding me back until a friend of mine told me about Lawpath.

The Lawpath Solution

Lawpath emerged as a beacon of support for Daniela's business. Offering a comprehensive and cost-effective legal service plan, Lawpath provided instant access to a wealth of legal resources, including contract templates, privacy policies, and the opportunity for consultations with experienced lawyers. This suite of services effectively demystified the legal process for Daniela, allowing her to focus on her business's growth.

You have a problem then you can access the solution with confidence...It's such a peace of mind.

Impact and Growth

With Lawpath's support, Daniela has successfully established a solid legal foundation for her business. The accessibility and quality of legal advice received have been instrumental in progressing towards operational readiness. Daniela is now poised to transition fully into her business, with confidence bolstered by the legal infrastructure established through Lawpath.

Don't give up on your dream because there is a we don't have to save money or wait for lawyers or chase anybody.... Lawpath removed a big barrier... once you have a solid legal foundation, you dare to dream the business.

Future Aspirations

With a robust foundation laid, the business aims to expand its pool of healthcare professionals and client base, moving towards a fully operational model that supports a wider community. The end goal is to become an integral part of the healthcare system, providing essential services that improve patient outcomes and practice efficiencies.

With Lawpath, you get peace of mind for a little price, and it's always there, your best friend in business.

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