Case Study: Hairy As Beard Love

Daryl McMahon is the founder of Hairy As Beard Love, a natural beard care product company that emphasises a profit-for-purpose model. The company, which officially launched in March 2024, offers a range of handmade beard oils, butter, and balms. Daryl's vision incorporates his expertise in program management and marketing, augmented by his MBA studies, to create a business that not only serves men’s grooming needs but also contributes to societal benefits.

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As a startup, Hairy As Beard Love faced several challenges, including navigating the complexities of legal compliance and business setup, understanding the digital marketing landscape, and achieving profitability while maintaining a commitment to social impact.

So we actually used Lawpath to set up our business and to register the business and use the different tools without the shareholder agreements, director agreements, and through the library that's available there.

The Lawpath Solution

Daryl turned to Lawpath, a legal services platform, to simplify the initial stages of setting up his business. This platform provided him with the necessary legal documents, consultations, and tools to ensure compliance and proper business structure without the high costs typically associated with legal services.

Lawpath has been fantastic to solve some of those challenges for me and I've since been recommending it to pretty much everyone else that I talk to, especially in the startup space.

Impact and Growth

Lawpath helped Hairy As Beard Love establish a solid legal foundation, enabling Daryl to focus on other aspects of his business. The accessibility of legal resources allowed him to manage his startup costs effectively and maintain operational compliance.

Lawpath provides a great range of services that are very economical price point. They have all the tools and the templates that you will need to get started....The consults are a big value add that you get at the price point that Lawpath offers. It's just great value for money.

Future Aspirations

Daryl plans to expand Hairy As Beard Love gradually, maintaining a balance with his day job until the business can sustain itself financially. He is passionate about using his brand to address societal issues, specifically focusing on gender inequality and violence prevention.

We want to get to the point that we have a solar foundation and it's sustainable. We're ideally covering costs and maybe making some growth for the future. We aren't looking for any overnight success. We want this to be a nice little organic process. Part of this for me is the learn by do.

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