Ellie Kate Media: A New Venture's Legal Journey with Lawpath

Ellie Kate Media, a budding platform designed to serve as a recruitment agency for entrepreneurs and a source of online courses for freelancers, has marked its entry into the business world with a clear vision. Founded by Ellie, the sole entrepreneur behind this innovative service, the company has embarked on its mission to bridge the gap between talented freelancers and forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

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Being a new venture, Ellie Kate Media faced the initial hurdles of setting up a business from a legal standpoint. Ellie, determined to lay a solid foundation for her business, recognised the need for robust legal support to navigate the complexities of agreements, terms and conditions, privacy policies, and more.

There was a lot of things that came up that I realised I needed legal help with and I'm just the kind of person that always wants to do things right and by the book from the beginning.

The Lawpath Solution

Ellie's search for a legal solution led her to Lawpath. Appreciating the on-the-go and last-minute consult booking capability, Ellie found Lawpath's services to be perfectly aligned with the dynamic nature of her new business.

The thing I like the most about my Lawpath plan is that it can be very on the go and very last minute....I literally can email and book in the night before for the next day

Impact and Growth

The impact of Lawpath on Ellie Kate Media has been profound. From personalised advice and bespoke legal documents to the speed and accessibility of consultations, Lawpath has enabled Ellie to focus on her business without worrying about legal roadblocks.

I am using Lawpath and I'm on the membership at the moment is because I am having new client relationships all the time and each circumstance around surrounding them is different....So it's really helpful to ask any advice that I need.

Future Aspirations

With the recruitment side of Ellie Kate Media experiencing rapid growth, Ellie envisions dedicating more time and energy to this aspect of her business. The foundation laid by Lawpath's legal support has been instrumental in this expansion, allowing Ellie to look forward to employing a team and taking on more recruitment clients.

I think next for Ellie Kate Media.... I probably will be spending more time and energy in recruitment than what I initially thought. I also have online courses that kind of just run in the background and operate themselves now. So I think the time and energy will be spent in recruitment and hopefully one day employing a team to help me with that side of things that would be really exciting.

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