Case Study: Eros Da Rugna - Streamlining Construction Contracts with Lawpath

Eros Da Rugna, Director and Project Manager at Extreme Tilers operates a commercial and high-end residential tiling contractor business based in Brisbane. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Eros has transitioned his business focus from residential to commercial projects over the past year. The company embraces an 'Infinity motto' emphasising planning, managing, and researching for innovation.

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As the business expanded its scope from residential to commercial projects, Eros faced significant challenges related to human resources and legal compliance, particularly in adapting to different legal requirements across various states and managing subcontractor agreements effectively.

We've been using Lawpath since last year when we started to shift from high-end residential towards commercial, it was sorting out the HR issue For us it was a perfect way to find the right legal approach that we needed to have with all the human resources....with Lawpath we've been able to find different approach and different type of contracts.

The Lawpath Solution

Lawpath provided a comprehensive solution that streamlined the process of creating, managing, and customising legal documents. Eros utilised Lawpath to access the right legal contracts for his employees and subcontractors, ensuring compliance and clear communication of expectations and responsibilities.

Lawpath is definitely good for the business because you pay a fee per year that is a set fee and with this fee you can get contracts that you can create, you can edit, you can can consult with lawyers. It has been fantastic.

Impact and Growth

Using Lawpath has enabled Eros's business to handle HR issues more efficiently and confidently, especially in securing appropriate contracts for various business needs. The platform's direct access to legal resources and consultations has saved the company time and money compared to traditional legal services.

It's very cost-effective. So my advice is to definitely look into it. It is straightforward that you are in control of what you are seeing. You don't have to rely to another person. You can rely on this database that is accurate. It is definitely something that has to be looking into it and it is good fees as well for what it gives you.

Future Aspirations

Eros plans to push the boundaries of innovation in the construction industry. His goals include developing properties that offer long-lasting quality to withstand the rigorous demands of commercial use, particularly with the upcoming opportunities such as the Brisbane Olympics preparations.

We are trying to change the construction industry with some innovations, bringing some innovation in the industry with our background coming from Europe and with all our years of experience trying to be more focused on helping the clients or the people that need the services to understand how to improve, how to make having a longer lasting product.

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