Jimmy Harvey's Story

Jimmy, the director and sole operator of SQ Welding specialising in civil and oil and gas projects in South Queensland, embarked on a journey to navigate the complex world of legal requirements for his growing business. As the director and primary welder, Jimmy is at the helm of all operational aspects, striving to expand his services.

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Sourcing Rapid and Flexible Legal Support

As the business expanded, Jimmy faced the daunting task of drafting client contracts, a critical but unfamiliar territory for someone with a background in trades rather than legal nuances. Additionally, the imminent hiring for a short-term project highlighted the urgent need for accessible legal guidance.

Getting contracts for clients and going into business that's not something you know how to do, learning about what contracts you need before you start a job.

The Lawpath Solution

Jimmy turned to Lawpath, leveraging its comprehensive platform for drafting client contracts and consulting with legal professionals. The platform's template system and consultation services provided the necessary support to navigate the complexities of legal documentation for his business.

Learning about what contracts you need before you start a job was made easy with Lawpath. I consulted with a Lawpath lawyer and got the contracts written up specifically for the kind of work I do."

Impact and Growth

Lawpath's services proved invaluable for Jimmy, enabling him to secure customised contracts that catered to the intricacies of his projects. The flexibility to consult with lawyers and access legal documents on the go, even from his truck at job sites, significantly enhanced his operational efficiency and peace of mind.

"The contract covers absolutely everything... It's made me more comfortable in being prepared for going into a project and knowing that I'm covered."

Future Aspirations

Jimmy plans to expand his business, taking on more staff and larger projects. With Lawpath's support, he's equipped to navigate the complexities of legal compliance and client relationships, ensuring a solid foundation for his business's future endeavors.

For anyone on the fence about choosing a legal solution, go with Lawpath. The peace of mind to know you've got someone there to get advice from and make sure you're covered for everything you do is invaluable.

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