Hedge Effective Advisory & Hedgehog Software - Streamlining Legal Processes with Lawpath

Kevin Mitchell, the founder of Hedge Effective Advisory and Hedgehog Software, has revolutionised outsourced accounting services for CFOs in the mid-market. With operations based in Sydney, the business leverages a small, efficient team both locally and offshore, focusing on systemisation through innovative software solutions aimed at delivering cutting-edge reporting and accessible platforms for clients.

Advice covered by Lawpath

Intellectual Property Protection
Contract Drafting
Company structures
Legal Compliance Advice

Sourcing Rapid and Flexible Legal Support

Navigating the complex legal landscape is a common challenge for any growing business. Kevin needed a solution to handle legal queries efficiently without the burden of traditional, costly legal services. The need for readily available legal consultations and essential documentation was paramount for the company's expansion and operational efficiency.

The old school method is basically where there's timesheets for everything that the lawyer does, and what I tend to find is that everything gets billed....it just becomes a very expensive way of doing it, especially when you're new and you just want to bounce some ideas and some queries off the lawyer.

The Lawpath Solution

Lawpath's subscription model offered Hedge Effective Advisory & Hedgehog Software a transformative approach to managing legal needs. With unlimited access to 30-minute consultations with experienced lawyers and a library of pro forma templates, Kevin found a cost-effective and timely solution to address legal queries and documentation requirements.

You get unlimited one-to-one consultations for 30 minutes with really experienced lawyers. So I tap into that quite a lot.

Impact and Growth

Efficient legal support has been crucial for Kevin, facilitating swift access to legal advice and customisable document templates, thereby streamlining administrative tasks and freeing up valuable time for strategic growth. Moreover, the cost-effective subscription model has led to significant savings compared to traditional legal fees, bolstering the company's financial efficiency. With Lawpath's assistance, Kevin is now poised to introduce Hedgehog Software to the market, further solidifying the company's position as an innovative leader in outsourced accounting services and paving the way for continued expansion and success.

It's very cost-effective for a new business... I like how timely it is to get those conversations in the diary.

Future Aspirations

Kevin is optimistic about the future, with plans to expand the team, launch the Hedgehog software, and explore international markets. The company aims to continue its organic growth while leveraging marketing initiatives and partnerships to enhance its advisory and technological solutions. Hedge Effective Advisory & Hedgehog Software's partnership with Lawpath demonstrates the power of innovative legal solutions in supporting business growth and operational efficiency.

It is pretty low cost in terms of the commitment. So you can pay an annual fee or subscription fee for Lawpath... It's definitely worth taking the jump and doing it. I've only had really positive outcomes from it, so it's definitely worth doing.

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