Case Study: Kyle Daya - BeActive Allied Health & Performance

Kyle Daya, the Director and principal exercise physiologist at BeActive Allied Health & Performance, shares his experience and journey with his business. BeActive provides mobile allied health services including exercise physiology, physiotherapy, and dietetics, catering to a wide array of clients from those with complex disabilities to private paying clients seeking to improve their health and performance.

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As BeActive expanded, Kyle faced significant challenges, particularly around hiring and managing subcontractors versus employees. The complexity of transitioning subcontractors to employees and ensuring legal compliance was daunting. Additionally, prior experiences with legal and accounting services were inefficient, costly, and provided only general advice, which hindered the decision-making process.

One of the first business problem that I had that I needed Lawpath's help, and it was actually quite beneficial to have them, was I had subcontractors....At the time before I had Lawpath, I was quite lost.

The Lawpath Solution

Lawpath's platform offered Kyle the resources and legal advice he needed to navigate the complexities of his business operations efficiently. He highlights the ease of use of the Lawpath platform, the speed of obtaining consultations, and the quality of advice received. Specifically, Lawpath assisted with subcontractor agreements and provided clarity on employment laws, significantly streamlining the process and saving both time and money.

Lawpath...made everything so much easier. It's so much more off my plate. Within a week, I was able to get a response and get actual information I can then use...I was shocked."

Impact and Growth

BeActive successfully navigated the legal challenges of expanding its team and operational scope. Lawpath's services facilitated this growth by providing timely, accurate legal advice that allowed for informed decision-making. Kyle's story showcases the tangible benefits of Lawpath's platform in supporting small businesses through critical legal and operational hurdles.

Having everything simple, having everything all in one house makes my life a lot easier.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Kyle aims to continue expanding BeActive, including hiring new practitioners and possibly opening a dedicated facility. The support from Lawpath has been instrumental in laying a strong foundation for these future endeavors.

For revenue wise compared to the expense, it's not even a factor at that point. We spend more on our clinic software than we do on literal legal consultations....It's a no brainer, but I would say give it a go and you'll get the benefit of having everything under one house.

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