Michael Scott Story

In the realm of business coaching, Michael Scott of ScaleEnabler Business Accelerator stands as a visionary leader. Operating across Australia, Canada, and the USA, his company focuses on elevating small businesses through specialized coaching. Michael's dedication is clear.

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I love being in business. It keeps me off the streets, keeps me enthusiastic about life in general, and I like to make a positive difference in the lives of the clients I have.

Navigating Business Complexities

While Michael's passion and expertise propelled the company forward, managing the complexities of legal and accounting services, particularly with large corporate engagements, presented a known challenge.

I'm very used to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of client money on accounting and legal services. I certainly don't have the pockets personally, or my business doesn't have the pockets to pay those sorts of amounts.

The Lawpath Solution

The integration of Lawpath into ScaleEnabler's operations marked a strategic evolution. Lawpath's affordable and comprehensive services aligned seamlessly with the company's needs, providing an efficient solution for legal and accounting matters. Michael reflects on the significance of this partnership:

Lawpath services are very affordable for a small business such as mine, but I get a comprehensive set of capabilities.

Impact and Growth

Partnering with Lawpath led to a notable shift in ScaleEnabler's business strategy, particularly in managing legal and financial aspects. Michael highlights the benefits of this collaboration:

I've not had to use people in that context for my business, but I've certainly wanted to get good advice. Lawpath, while providing pretty similar quality of service, represents a much lower investment."

Future Aspirations

Michael's ambitions for ScaleEnabler are robust and forward-thinking. He is keenly focused on expanding the company, especially into the North American market. His strategic vision is encapsulated in his plan:

I have a three-year plan to continue to expand into the North American market... hoping that within the next two years, I'll have an organization of anything between 20 and 50 on staff across Australia, the US, and Canada.


Michael Scott's journey with Lawpath underscores the significance of strategic partnerships in business growth. This collaboration has not just provided essential services to ScaleEnabler; it has enabled the company to focus on its core mission of empowering small businesses. Michael's story with Lawpath is one of strategic enhancement, partnership, and a forward-looking vision.

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