Case Study: Michael Woods and Lawpath

Michael Woods Founder and Director of Woods Unlimited is a driven entrepreneur with two dynamic businesses under his company. His first venture is a sports consulting agency dedicated to enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion across various levels of sport organizations. His second is a boutique e-learning agency that emerged as a response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 lockdowns. These businesses not only highlight Michael’s entrepreneurial spirit but also his commitment to mission-driven initiatives.

Advice covered by Lawpath

Start-up Legal
Contract Drafting
Company structures
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Before discovering Lawpath, Michael faced significant hurdles in managing the legal necessities of his dual enterprises. The traditional legal services he utilised were not only costly but also sluggish, which hindered the agility his businesses required. This traditional approach made it difficult for him to maintain pace with the demands of his growing ventures, posing risks to business continuity and scalability.

Before Lawpath, I did use a traditional kind of lawyer... But since Lawpath, I haven't needed that service.

The Lawpath Solution

The introduction of Lawpath into his operational toolkit marked a turning point. Michael was initially drawn to Lawpath because of its promise of speed, cost-efficiency, and comprehensive legal resources. The platform offers an array of services that proved to be exactly what he needed, from generating critical legal documents to accessing expert legal advice swiftly.

I know that even if it's just a simple agreement or a simple terms of service, I can get something that's going to be really sound from Lawpath for a fraction of the cost and really, really quickly.

Impact and Growth

Since integrating Lawpath into his business processes, Michael has experienced a transformation in managing legal tasks. The platform’s ability to quickly generate watertight contracts and provide rapid legal consultations has significantly reduced the time and financial costs associated with legal services. Lawpath enabled him to improve subcontractor agreements and solidify client contracts, which fortified his business relationships and operational foundation.

Lawpath allows me to handle the legal sides of both businesses with ease and confidence.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Michael aims to expand both businesses, with particular focus on scaling the e-learning platform to operate autonomously. This will allow him to devote more attention to his sports consulting agency, where his passion and expertise truly lie. Lawpath will continue to be an essential resource as he navigates this growth, providing the legal support needed to achieve his ambitious goals.

Lawpath was a good decision... it would’ve made generating some of my basic documents and policies a lot easier....Lawpath has a cost, but I think you get better bang for your buck.

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