Case Study: Mitch Isbel - Advancing Electric Vehicle Infrastructure with Lawpath

Mitch Isbel is the founder of TAKE3 Electric, a company aiming to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport by providing reliable and easy-to-access electric vehicle charging solutions. The business idea emerged from Mitch's personal experience of finding a suitable and affordable charging solution after purchasing his first electric vehicle.

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TAKE3 Electric needed to ensure they were compliant with Australian regulations for electrical standards and importation, which are particularly stringent and ever-changing for electric vehicle safety. Additionally, the company faced the challenge of accessing quick legal advice without the high costs typically associated with legal services.

So we've used legal services outside of Lawpath before and as I said before, those questions where you just need some general advice rather than hiring a lawyer for a set period of time. It was pretty difficult, especially as a startup to have the capital that wasn't already going into products to be forked out to legal advice.

The Lawpath Solution

The company turned to Lawpath to streamline their legal processes. Lawpath provided an accessible platform where Mitch could connect with legal experts knowledgeable about the specific regulations impacting his industry. This service allowed for quick legal consultations without the need to engage a lawyer for extended periods, thus reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Lawpath has allowed us to make sure that we're on the right track from a legal standpoint in terms of compliance with the Australian regulations for electrical standards as well as importation rules and regulations. It can kind of be an ever-changing scene, especially with the safety regulations for electric vehicles. They're always changing as well. So Lawpath has kind of given us the ability to have a lawyer.

Impact and Growth

Using Lawpath, TAKE3 Electric, has managed to stay compliant with all necessary regulations without significant expenditure or delays. This has allowed them to focus on their core mission of expanding their electric vehicle charging solutions. The platform's flexibility in connecting them with the right specialists for different issues has been crucial.

So we actually used the Lawpath tool to set up our company and I guess divide the assets as well, so shares and everything. So that's been really, I guess great....So the Lawpath subscription service, that one's been really great so that we don't have to I guess sign on a lawyer every time that we just have a couple of questions and I guess get charged in those 15-minute increments.

Future Aspirations

Mitch envisions expanding TAKE3 Electric, to introduce more products and secure more exclusivity deals. The company aims to establish itself as a well-regarded brand known for quality and reliability in the electric vehicle market.

TAKE3 Electric will hopefully in the near future be bringing in more products with that becomes also more exclusivity deals that we do need to, I guess draft up, but the long-term would just be kind of having that name brand that people associate with as a good quality, but also a nice entry point.

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