Case Study: Nasir Tajuddin, Director and Principal Consultant at enablen

Case Study: Nasir Tajuddin, Director and Principal Consultant at enablen

In the heart of North Queensland Nasir Tajudden leads enablen, a consulting firm specialising in grant writing, e-learning, and technology solutions for Australian charities and non-profits. It aims to provide effective supports to charities in securing funds for community services and infrastructure projects.

Advice covered by Lawpath

Contract Drafting
Legal Compliance Advice
Intellectual Property Protection
Dispute Resolution

Sourcing Rapid and Flexible Legal Support

As enablen expanded, the need for a robust, flexible legal framework became apparent. Traditional legal services, with their high costs and lack of flexibility, were not conducive to the dynamic nature of enablen's operations. Nasir sought a solution that could keep pace with the rapid changes and unique challenges of working within the non-profit sector.

"The costs would absolutely skyrocket... so we therefore pulled the plug on those services well in advance and started looking around and that's when we found Lawpath."

Lawpath Solution

Lawpath provided enablen with the ability to quickly set up contracts, agreements, and legal documents, crucial for their rapidly evolving service scope.Access to a range of constantly updated legal document templates and workflows through Lawpath, aiding in business expansion and compliance.

"We don't really have to worry about picking out something that's outdated; normally they're updated all the time."

"Lawpath is seamlessly complementing our need to be a flexible and responsive business."

Impact and Future Goals

The company is working towards achieving B Corp certification and becoming a registered charity. Nasir envisions Lawpath as a continued partner in this journey, providing legal support for future milestones.

"Lawpath has been a critical component in our growth. Their responsive and affordable legal advice has allowed us to be dynamic and innovative, helping us to pursue our mission of supporting communities and the environment effectively."


enablen's experience with Lawpath highlights the importance of adaptable and cost-effective legal services for emerging businesses, particularly in the social enterprise sector. Lawpath's support has empowered enablen to focus on their mission-driven goals, illustrating the value of legal tech solutions in fostering business growth and social impact.

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