Case Study: Association Executive Services - Leveraging Lawpath for Streamlined Legal Solutions

Association Executive Services, led by Executive Director Nick Koerbin, has been providing comprehensive back office and administrative support to the not-for-profit association sector in Australia for over 12 years. As a one-stop shop for not-for-profits, their services extend from training and development of association boards and staff to managing complex legal needs with the aid of Lawpath.

Advice covered by Lawpath

Start-up Legal
Contract Drafting
Company structures
Legal Compliance Advice


Before using Lawpath, the organisation faced challenges in efficiently managing legal documents like privacy policies, social media policies, employee contracts, and service agreements. These are crucial for their operations, which involve dealing with numerous associations, employees, and consultants.

We are involved in a lot of activities with associations and particularly around developing policies. And I've accessed Lawpath for the last three years, and I'm so satisfied with some of the up-to-date policy documents. I'm able to access, in particular policy documents about privacy, social media, and a range of other issues that a lot of associations are facing. But in my own business, having those up-to-date policy documents are being very valuable.

The Lawpath Solution

Lawpath provided an all-encompassing legal solution, offering access to up-to-date policy documents, employee contracts, and service agreements. This has allowed Nick to manage legal affairs more effectively, avoiding the ad-hoc engagement of multiple legal services which often lacked the comprehensiveness that Lawpath offers.

So being able to access Lawpath, accessing legal information and have a real lawyer talk to us is very good....It's been very valuable to me and particularly when something very important needs to be dealt with, as we often need to be aware of some of the legal issues that are facing our clients. Also the help from the online service, I find it's coming very good, very valuable.

Impact and Growth

The integration of Lawpath into their operations has significantly improved the efficiency of handling legal documentation and consultations. Nick highlights the value of having immediate access to legal documents and real-time advice for both his own business needs and those of his clients. The AI-enhanced features of Lawpath have also allowed for custom modifications to legal documents, ensuring they meet specific needs without extensive legal fees.

I've been in business for 30 years, and particularly in small business, and it's always been a struggle to get the proper advice at the right time....So my advice for any small business or any large business is the value that I get from Lawpath is the return on investment is triple that.I think Lawpath and all its services and resources is the place to go to.

Future Aspirations

Association Executive Services is rapidly growing, with plans to extend the benefits of their Lawpath subscription across the entire organization. Nick's vision includes not only maintaining high performance within current associations but expanding their reach and effectiveness through the strategic use of legal technology.

My vision was to help organisations change to be high performing associations. And since that time, we are working very closely with these organisations to help them grow and be successful. And so we see with our growth that we will be using Lawpath more than we expect at the moment.

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