Case Study: Reece - Enhancing Construction Project Efficiency with Lawpath

Reece is the founder and director of Wediate, an online platform designed to provide protection and certainty for construction projects. Wediate assures contractors of their payments and clients of their project success. Reece oversees general operations, future development, sales, marketing, and legal compliance within the company.

Advice covered by Lawpath

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Wediate faced significant challenges in sourcing reliable and experienced legal practitioners for drafting contracts. The company encountered hurdles with projects overrunning in time and cost, which impacted budgeting and planning.

So in the past when we've used a legal service, there's a couple of hurdles that we've come across in terms of projects, overrunning in time and in cost.So this is really what we wanted to combat by using Lawpath, and it's really solved that problem for us, allowing us to get a realistic timeframe on a project and ultimately budget for it. So yeah, it's been very helpful in that aspect.

The Lawpath Solution

Wediate turned to Lawpath to address these challenges. The platform provided access to experienced legal practitioners who could offer realistic timeframes and fixed prices for project contracts. This change allowed for better forecasting and budgeting in their projects.

So regarding our Lawpath plan, we use it on an Ad hoc basis and we like to sort of take a project to Lawpath, obviously find a legal practitioner for it and just get a fixed price and a fixed timescale. It just makes it really easy to forecast like timeframes for us and budgeting for us.

Impact and Growth

Utilising Lawpath's services has allowed Wediate to streamline its legal processes, significantly reducing the guesswork involved in legal compliance and documentation. The platform's extensive database of legal documents and the fixed-cost structure have enhanced operational efficiency and cost management.

So my advice to anybody who's looking to join Lawpath is just don't hesitate. Save yourself the time, save yourself the money. They're very good at what they do, and ultimately it's just a useful tool to have in your arsenal as a business.

Future Aspirations

Reece envisions continuing to grow and improve Wediate's services to provide increased protection and certainty within the construction industry. He aims to make such services standard across industries, mirroring Lawpath's impact in the legal space.

We're just going to keep looking to grow and improve our service and keep being able to provide protection and certainty within our industry just as Lawpath are doing within the legal space, we're doing the exact same thing in the construction space.

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