Refilled's Journey to Sustainability with Lawpath

Refilled, a Sydney-based startup in Ultimo, has been on a transformative journey to revolutionise how organisations and consumers tackle climate action. As a pioneer in blending hardware and software, Refilled introduces smart drink dispensers aimed at eliminating single-use plastic bottles, fostering a culture of refilling reusable drink containers. Founded by CEO Ryan Nelson, Refilled's small yet dynamic team of six has recently expanded thanks to successful seed funding, enhancing their mission to scale impact and growth.

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Sourcing Rapid and Flexible Legal Support

Refilled's journey wasn't without its hurdles. As a startup navigating the complex legal landscape, the need for accessible, reliable, and efficient legal services became apparent. The fluctuating demand for legal assistance, coupled with the high costs and ambiguity common in traditional legal services, posed significant challenges for Refilled. Seeking a solution that offered transparency, flexibility, and expertise without the hefty price tag became crucial for their continued growth and innovation.

In the past, legal services are always really expensive and there's a bit of ambiguity around it so I quite like just knowing a cost and then agreeing to it and getting on with the work.

The Lawpath Solution

Enter Lawpath. Ryan Nelson recounts how Lawpath's platform became an indispensable tool for Refilled, providing a broad spectrum of legal services, from minor tasks to extensive projects spanning several months. Lawpath's ability to connect Refilled with specialised lawyers, including the invaluable assistance from a lawyer named Damin for contract negotiations and asset finance, proved transformative. The platform's transparent pricing and task submission system offered the simplicity and predictability that Refilled needed to focus on their mission.

Damin's been absolutely fantastic...He helped me negotiate some really big deals and managed to keep my costs low as well.

Impact and Future Goals

With Lawpath's support, Refilled has made significant strides towards their ambitious goal of eliminating 100 million single-use plastic bottles by 2030. In just six months of operation, their systems have prevented 35,000 plastic bottles from ending up in landfills, a testament to the practical impact of their innovative approach to sustainability. Ryan's vision for the future is bold – expanding the team, securing additional funding, and significantly increasing the presence of their dispensers in the market to save a million bottles a week.

I've been using Lawpath now for six or seven years...very positive experience and I've been coming back now for six or seven years to handle all sorts of different matters.

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