Case Study: Cynch - Navigating Legal Challenges with Lawpath

Susie Jones is the co-founder and CEO of Cynch, a cyber risk management startup that offers specialised SaaS products to address cybersecurity for micro and small businesses and supply chain risk management for larger enterprises. The company, founded by Susie and Adam Sellwood in 2018, operates with a core team of five full-time staff and two contractors.

Advice covered by Lawpath

Start-up Legal
Contract Drafting
Company structures
Legal Compliance Advice


Cynch faced significant challenges in accessing legal documents and expertise that were applicable under Australian law, especially when expanding their team and needing to manage legal issues effectively.

So for really the last four or five years we've been using Lawpath. Whenever there's anything vaguely legal that we need to document, we go there first, start with their template and then build it out from there. And then more recently we've upgraded our subscription so that I can have unlimited half an hour calls with lawyers, which has been great because we're going through a new phase.

The Lawpath Solution

The company adopted Lawpath as their primary legal service provider. This platform allowed them to access a vast document library and the capability to have consultations with lawyers on-demand.

So I think so far I've only had two legal consultations with lawyers through Lawpath, but what I've loved is the fact that when you go in and book a consultation you say what is the kind of advice that you need....first one was around safe notes and investment, and the lawyer that I was put onto, Molly was absolutely fantastic. She knew everything about it. She was able to answer my questions, explain things to me that I'd never understood before around Safe Notes and it's quite a specialist type area of law that she knew.

Impact and Growth

Utilising Lawpath has significantly reduced the legal overhead for Cynch, making it more economical to obtain necessary legal advice and documentation. The flexibility to book lawyer consultations within 24 hours and access specialised advice on niche topics has been instrumental in navigating their current business phase.

I think if you're somebody that is familiar with using legal services, legal advice, knows their way around a contract, then Lawpath is easily the best way to go. It's the most cost efficient, it's the best way to get advice at the time that you need it.

Future Aspirations

Cynch is currently undergoing a small investment round to fund a significant gap, setting the stage for what Susie believes will be the company's biggest year yet.

So we're currently doing a very small investment round as a bridging round to fund a gap that we have. So we're looking to close that out in the next month. And then I've got a whole bunch of things in the pipeline that I can't talk about right now, but it's going to be a big year

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