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Read about the National Credit Code and how it may affect you.

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Learn about your legal rights when applying for a divorce in Australia.
A corporate trustee is where the trustee is a company, not an individual. Find out in this article how this structure works and how to set it up.
You can appoint a Power of Attorney (PoA) by completing a form, signing it and having it witnessed. Find out more here.
Are you considering becoming a sponsor, or are you looking to be sponsored? Find out in this article what a sponsorship agreement is and why it's important.
Settlement offers are often made in legal disputes before trial. Here we'll explain what a Calderbank Offer is and what it could mean if you reject one.
Lawyers and solicitors may sound like they're the same - but they're not. Read this article to find out how they're different.

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Setting up a family trust requires careful planning and an understanding of how trusts operate. Find out how to get started here.
A trust itself cannot own shares in a company, however a trustee can hold them on behalf of someone else. Find out more here.
Different Australian States and Territories have different requirements when it comes to witnessing a Power of Attorney (POA). Find out what they are here.
There are many different types of interests in property. Read more to find out what property interest you possess, and what property rights come with it.

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