How to Start a Facebook Page for Your Business

Facebook is a global online social media and social networking service company based in California. Although the platform has been around for nearly 15 years it isn’t too late to take advantage of the unique service it offers. So how do you launch a facebook page for your business?

Why launch on Facebook?

The size of Facebook’s user base makes it difficult for business’ to ignore. The user base is also widely diversified, exposing organisations’ to a broad demographic. This allows companies to not only reach their current customer base but also enables new people to discover the company’s offering. Established customers will seek out your page for up to date information while your page may also pull potential new users. If you setup your facebook page correctly, users interacting with your brand online can lead to direct revenue. The nature of the platform further enables any sort of business to utilise Facebook.

How to get started?

The first step is to create a Facebook business page, selecting the business type which most accurately describes your organisation. For instance, a local business or an artist/public figure. Facebook users are typically drawn to visually engaging pages so it’s important to select appropriate images. This can range from a brand logo to images of your signature offering. Your images should be relevant to your business and engage with the average existing or potential customer. A short description in your Facebook page is critical to concisely inform your target market what your business is all about. Your page should also include a location, link to a site where they can make purchases and business hours if relevant. This connects Facebook users to your actual revenue stream.

Tips for a successful launch

A successful business launch through Facebook is not a perfect science. However, there are a few ways to maximise your chances of a fruitful Facebook launch.

Choose the right Facebook name

It seems painfully simple but finding a Facebook name that’s either the same as your business name or closely related to your name can be a difficult task. Something to also keep in mind when creating your name is to keep it simple so users can easily locate your business from your Facebook page.

Get a following

This isn’t necessarily an easy task but you can start by inviting friends and family to like your page. By liking and engaging with other Facebook pages which are related to your business but not competitors you also create a community. You can do this by featuring other pages which provide additional value to your users without competing with your offering. This naturally increases your visibility and subsequent following.

Learn from page insights

Facebook’s page insights makes it easy to gather data about the users interacting with your page. This includes data about audience demographics and your posts. A notable insight is regarding who has been clicking on your calls to action. This allows you to adjust your posts and calls to action in the future so they are more suitable for your audience.

Social media policy

As a business an important step to take is to create a social media policy. This ensures employees responsible for social media pages are making posts in line with the business’ values.


Ultimately, Facebook is a great platform to launch your business. However to ensure the best chance of you having a successful business through Facebook you should adopt the tips as above.

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