Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

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Last updated December 2018
Last updated February 2, 2021
Suitable for all Australian states and territories
Suitable for all Australian states and territories

This Social Media Policy outlines your expectations around social media use during and outside of work hours by employees or other workers such as contractors or interns. This policy also clarifies what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable behaviour regarding work-related and personal social media accounts, along with the consequences of any breaches.

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Document Overview

You can use this Social Media Policy to ensure that there is clarity in your workplace around the use of, and the standards of behaviour expected regarding any posts made on social media. Using this policy can also protect your Company by assisting you to take disciplinary or other appropriate action in the event of a breach.

Use this Policy if:

  • you want your workers to be aware of the importance of appropriate behaviour on work or personal social media accounts;
  • clarity is needed in the workplace regarding what constitutes social media use, or what acceptable behaviour on social media may look like;
  • you have Company social media accounts and only want authorised users to interact with, or post on behalf of such accounts;
  • you need to implement clear expectations regarding the use of social media during work hours; and
  • you want workers to be aware of the consequences of any inappropriate social media use that may reflect negatively on the Company.

What does this Policy cover?

  • Clear expectations regarding appropriate social media use by workers, and the type of information that may be shared by them;
  • Guidelines for any posts or information shared on social media, including for any personal social media use that may identify them as a worker;
  • Communicating to workers that social media use is not to impact on the performance of their role, along with restrictions on social media use during working hours; and
  • The right to take disciplinary or other action in the event of inappropriate social media use, including any social media use that may impact negatively on the Company’s reputation.

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