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Our Career Framework empowers you to influence and progress with your careers, while advancing into new positions.
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Learning & Development

We are committed to foster a high-performance work culture by investing into our employees’ professional learning and development.

Our goal is to provide you with skills development and learning opportunities so that you can meet our performance standards and to help you grow as a professional, thus contributing to ongoing success of our organisation.

Skilled and motivated employees who master skills needed to support current and future growth of our organisation are a cornerstone of our sustainable competitive advantage.


The goal of our mentoring program is to facilitate company-wide professional development. Notable benefits include tapping into the extensive experience of our mentors, having someone more experienced share advice, offer guidance and be a sounding board for your thoughts.

Lawpath Academy

Lawpath Academy is the key components of our learning infrastructure at Lawpath. It is an umbrella institution for all our learning efforts and a digital learning space that is fully integrated with our HR Info System.

Its interactive training content spans areas such as compliance, systems, product, technical and professional skills as well as mental wellbeing.

Our vision is to make Lawpath Academy a top employee education institution in Australia.

Annual Learning Stipend

We believe that self-directed learning and development courses help you to achieve your individual goals and help us in having highly skilled and continuously developing employees.

We enacted Annual Study Stipend, which draws on a annually renewing individual education budget for you to participate in courses of your own choice. This stipend is available to all permanent full-time staff.

We believe that sparks of creativity are often experienced when people develop skills seemingly unrelated to their primary area of expertise, which is why we don’t place any additional conditions on the content of your courses.

Team Budget for Conferences

Conferences offer employees a valuable opportunity to participate in discussions and discover other ways of thinking about their job, its content and explore latest industry standards.

We have team budget for conferences that encourages our employees to embrace new ideas and innovative ways to approach their role and goals it involves.

Career Framework

Lawpath Career Framework is a comprehensive blueprint linking employee growth, career progression and career pathways, while directing them towards execution of our business strategy.

Our Career Framework empowers you to influence and progress with your careers and help you understand what criteria are associated with advancing into new positions.

Importantly, we want to embrace your personal preferences and individual choice when it comes to career progression. As such, if you see yourself progressing within non-linear career paths or present a business case for completely new positions, you are welcome to do so.

Career Pathways

Career pathway is a sequence of positions that use similar skills into which an employee can progress from their role. It is common to start in an entry-level job in a career pathway and, with more learning, growth and experience, move up within that pathway.

Our teams have defined career pathways that give you the clarity in how they can progress their careers, while giving them the opportunity to forge their own ones.

Experience Maps

To better understand the criteria for success and progression in a role, we defined experience maps, which outline what outcomes (or experiences) team members must achieve to prove competence.

They democratise and accelerate career progression by making it transparent, which experiences our company values most for each specific role.

Experience maps make growth & progression conversations more straightforward and focused on which experiences are needed next and how to obtain them

Growth Goals

We recognise that exposure to new and meaningful experiences accelerate employee growth.

For that reason, we are committed to give team members the opportunity to participate in initiatives, projects and activities designed to stretch their primary area of expertise and apply themselves in new situations.

Developing their aptitude, talent and confidence is the main benefit for people actively seeking and completing growth goals.

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