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What is an Assault Lawyer?

Assault lawyers are criminal lawyers that focus on defending individuals with assault charges. Assault comes in a variety of forms including common assault, assault causing actual bodily harm and reckless grievous bodily harm. Assault does not require physical contact, and there does not need to be any injury towards the victim. Assault will be an act that imposes a fear of immediate violence. An assault lawyer is an expert in the different forms of assault, the possible and likely penalties imposed, and the process through the court system.

Why do I need an Assault Lawyer?

Depending on the circumstances, you will be charged with a form of assault. All the forms will have possible penalties and will almost always require some sort of court appearance. If you have been charged with assault, it is best to engage with an assault lawyer. As assault comes in many forms, both physical and nonphysical, an assault lawyer will determine the appropriate step forward and any possible defences you have to the charge.

How much will an Assault Lawyer charge?

Assault lawyers branch off from general criminal lawyers. With regard to cost, it is likely that an assault lawyer will either have a free initial consultation or one at a set cost. After this, they will charge by the hour based on the matter and the time constraints associated. Depending on the charge and the defence your lawyer advises, there may be additional costs involved in appearing before a court and employing a barrister.

What will an Assault Lawyer provide?

Primarily, assault lawyers will give general advice about the procedure within the criminal justice system. If your matter needs to go to court, a lawyer will work on your case and ensure all appropriate documents are filed. If need be, they may also employ a barrister to argue your defence at trial. Assault lawyers will also seek to resolve the charge through the most appropriate method. Depending on any possible defences, they will advise you on what to plea to ensure minimal criminal and financial penalties are delivered.

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