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What is a Company Lawyer?

A company lawyer provides expert advice and legal work for every area of your company. They provide a range of services including the creation and review of day-to-day agreements, advice for starting a company and company registration. They also offer intellectual property and licensing advice, and legal representation.

Why do I need a Company Lawyer?

If you are thinking of starting a company, engaging with a company lawyer is a great first step. They will be able to advise you on the best structure suited to your business’s needs. Besides this, they can assist with the creation and review of any preliminary contractual agreements or required company documents.

If you are running a company, a company lawyer can assist with everyday contractual agreements including supplier agreements, employment contracts and sale terms and conditions. It is also advised you get in touch with a company lawyer if you are considering the sale of your company.

How much will a Company Lawyer charge?

As company lawyers cover a broad field of services, their costs will vary based on the work required. Simpler work will cost less and may be a fixed cost, this may include standard company contracts, constitutions and company registration. For difficult work, such as disputes and larger contractual agreements, costs will be much higher especially as company lawyers will charge on an hourly basis.

LawPath can assist you in engaging a company lawyer. We work with lawyers that provide expert company advice on a fixed-price basis. This ensures the pricing you receive is transparent and affordable.

What will a Company Lawyer provide?

A company lawyer will provide expert legal guidance for your company. Lawyers in this field work with companies every day and will use their extensive knowledge to benefit your business by creating secure agreements, limiting your liability and structuring your business adequately.

When you submit a quote through LawPath, we’ll source you quotes from a range of company law experts. All of our lawyers work on a fixed-price basis, meaning you always know how much the process will cost.

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