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What is a Competition Lawyer?

A competition lawyer engages with law that focuses on market competition and regulations. Competition law in general relates to the law that controls and regulates any anti-competitive conduct by companies with the purpose of maintaining competition within a market. A competition lawyer will primarily focus on defending companies that have been accused of anti-competitive behaviour.

Alternatively, competition lawyers may be involved in taking action against companies that are performing anti-competitive behaviour. Anti-competitive behaviour will include activities such as exclusive dealing, imposing minimum resale prices, misusing market power and any other unconscionable conduct.

Why do I need a Competition Lawyer?

If you run or manage a company that has been accused of anti-competitive behaviour it is recommended you engage with a competition lawyer. The Australian Competition Consumer Commission that regulates market competition laws may impose heavy fines if there is a breach. A competition lawyer is an expert in this area of law and will therefore appropriately advise you on your rights and the most appropriate course of action.

How much will they charge?

Almost all competition lawyers will charge on an hourly basis, as with most commercial law, this will be factored on a case by case basis and will usually be expensive. If your company finds that the matter needs to be disputed in court, there will be additional costs related to court filing and hourly charges by barristers and lawyers in competition law litigation.

When you submit a quote through LawPath, we’ll source you quotes from a range of experienced competition lawyers. All of our lawyers work on a fixed-price basis, meaning that the process is 100% transparent.

What will they provide?

A competition lawyer will provide advice regarding the best path forward by taking a straightforward approach to your matter to ensure your interests and rights are protected. They will provide an affordable, appropriate and effective solution to your matter.

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