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What is a corporate lawyer?

A corporate lawyer provides advice to business with regards to it’s transactions, structural changes and the legal rights and duties of corporations. Corporate lawyers will ensure that any interactions and transactions of your company adhere to the legal requirements so as to avoid any problems.

Our network of corporate lawyers have extensive experience in the area and operate on a fixed-price basis. They are equipped to assist you in the running of your business including any new business ventures.

Why do I need a corporate lawyer?

Some instances where you would want to consider seeking advice from a corporate lawyer include:

  • Corporate transactions including mergers and acquisitions;
  • Drafting commercial contracts;
  • If your corporation is undergoing structural changes;
  • If your corporation is involved in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • If your corporation is trying to secure finance;
  • If the financial affairs are complex;
  • If you are selling your company;
  • If you are a small start-up company and require assistance with drafting contracts and documents;
  • If you require advice with regards to the various legal rights and responsibilities of the corporation.

Corporate lawyers are skilled to provide advice that is specialised for the optimal operation of successful corporations.

How much will a corporate lawyer charge?

Corporate lawyers can be expensive resulting in a significant financial burden on many businesses. These costs can deter corporations from engaging with corporate lawyers which can result in limiting the expansion of your business or further legal issues down the line.

Our aim at LawPath is to provide your business with legal options that are fast, low cost and transparent. We’ll provide you with fixed-price quotes from corporate lawyers most suited to your company allowing you to focus on enhancing your business. This ensures that you are always aware of the legal cost and can choose the solution which is best for your business.

What will a corporate lawyer provide?

Our corporate lawyers can ensure that your business is legally protected throughout the course of its operation. Corporate lawyers can provide your business with expert legal guidance and advice, which ensures your company is compliant and running smoothly.

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