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What is a Dispute Resolution Lawyer?

Lawyers in the field of dispute resolution focus on resolving issues between parties through alternative dispute resolution and litigation. Essentially, they are considered litigation lawyers with expertise in facilitating negotiation and discussion between parties of differing views. To find a resolution, lawyers will implement a process known as ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) which focusses on coming to an agreement outside of the court system. This process usually involves either mediation or arbitration, with the discussion between the parties and their lawyers occurring outside of the courtroom.

Why do I need a Dispute Resolution Lawyer?

If you are involved in a dispute that may lead to legal proceedings it is a good idea to engage with a dispute resolution lawyer. These lawyers focus on coming to a resolution before going to court, which is both cost effective and places less of a time burden upon all parties. They will ensure that both parties reach a compromise and that their clients liability and interests are protected. If a dispute cannot be resolved outside of the court system, you will need a lawyer to commence legal proceedings.

How much will a Dispute Resolution Lawyer charge?

Depending on the dispute, costs will change based on whether or not the issue can be resolved outside of court. Lawyers will charge for implementing ADR, and generally, they charge by the hours. If the dispute needs to go through the court system, the cost will increase as it will be a longer process and include court filing fees.

What will a Dispute Resolution Lawyer provide?

A dispute resolution lawyer will provide an appropriate and effective solution to your matter. Lawyers working within the court system and as dispute resolution lawyers give expert advice around ADR and legal proceedings. Their ultimate goal is to fulfil your interests in a way that is timely and produces an effective result.

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