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What is a Family Lawyer?

A family lawyer primarily focusses the personal arrangements found within a family. Whilst primarily dealing with divorce and custody claims, they will also consult on matters regarding child custody and support, adoption and the creation of binding financial agreements between parties before a marriage. Besides this, some family lawyers help with the creation of wills and appointing powers of attorney.

Why do I need a Family Lawyer?

If you are considering divorce, arranging for a binding financial agreement or looking to claim custody over children or pets, it is crucial you get support from a family lawyer. Lawyers who work within the field of family law are experts in understanding where you stand in your relationship, because of this, they will advise you on your rights and the best path to take for an appropriate settlement and outcome. It will also be best to consult a family lawyer if you are considering adoption, surrogacy or are having disputes relating to the custody of a child.

How much will a Family Lawyer charge?

Divorce and settlement cases can vary in cost depending on the intricacies of the matter and how cooperative the parties to the separation are. Therefore, family lawyers will be inclined to charge on a hourly basis for most matters, in smaller matters they may charge large fixed costs. Often, family lawyers will require payments in advance, this will be based on the matter they are asked to deal with. For matters that are more straightforward, such as the creation of a will or an application for adoption, it may be likely that the family lawyer asks a fixed payment.

What will a Family Lawyer provide?

The end goal for a family law lawyer is an affordable, appropriate and agreeable outcome between the parties to the settlement or custody matter. If there are any issues or concerns that you have about your matter, it is best to bring these up with you lawyer for clarification. You can expect that a family lawyer will advocate on your behalf to best fulfill your interests in negotiations.

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