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What is a Joint Venture Lawyer?

A joint venture lawyer focuses on the contractual creation and management of parties that wish to create a joint venture. A joint venture will come in the form of a new activity or project that two current entities wish to work together on. The essential feature of such an agreement is that each party to the agreement shares the risks, control and ownership of the project. The venture is considered its own separate entity to those held by the parties already. They can be incorporated or unincorporated but may be essentially called a partnership.

A lawyer in this field is an expert in the creation of the agreement between the parties. Often the venture will be a project in another country in which case a lawyer will have knowledge of international law. They will ultimately ensure the terms are agreeable and enforceable.

Why do I need a Joint Venture Lawyer?

If you are running a business and are considering an agreement with another party to work with, a joint venture lawyer will be able to help. They will perform the applicable checks on the parties before drafting and completing an appropriate agreement. They will ensure the contract confers the appropriate liability on each party should there be a dispute or failure in the activity.

How much will a Joint Venture Lawyer charge?

Costs associated with a joint venture lawyer will vary based on the depth and type of agreement that needs to be drafted. Most lawyers will charge at a fixed hourly cost for the time it takes to complete the contract. If the agreement is with a company based overseas, there may be additional costs for arranging an international agreement or for your lawyer to consult overseas authority.

When you submit a quote through Lawpath, we’ll source you quotes from a range of expert joint venture lawyers. All of our lawyers work on a fixed-price basis, meaning you always know how much the process will cost.

What will a Joint Venture Lawyer provide?

A joint venture is one of the easiest ways to conduct work with other businesses and individuals. It is also one of the most effective methods of moving into another country with your products and services. A joint venture lawyer will provide the initial research into the party you are contracting with. They will then work out the terms of the agreement and will negotiate on your behalf. If any issues arise between the parties, a joint venture lawyer will also help resolve any problems arising from the agreement.

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