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What is a Litigation Lawyer?

A litigation lawyer is an expert in legal proceedings and going to court to present your case. Litigation lawyers (or litigators) are experts in managing the different phases of commencing legal proceedings This will include the process of discovery, trial, settlements, negotiations and any appeals required throughout your case. Litigation lawyers focus on coming to agreements in civil matters and will go through dispute resolution processes before going to court.

Why do I need a Litigation Lawyer?

Going to court is a strenuous and complicated process. If there is any civil action taken against you or you are considering suing, it will be crucial you gain the support of a litigation lawyer. A lawyer in the field of litigation are experts in coming to a solution, they will ensure that your liability is limited and will inform you of the appropriate path through the legal system. In almost all cases, a litigation lawyer will try to implement a dispute resolution process which may include mediation or arbitration between the parties, this may end with the dispute coming to an end before proceeding to court.

How much will a Litigation Lawyer charge?

The process of litigation comes in broad forms. Some matters will be resolved through negotiation whilst others will need to go through the court system. This is time consuming and therefore litigation lawyers will charge on an hourly basis. Besides this, if your matter needs to go to court, court fees are expensive and litigation lawyers will require a large amount of time to prepare.

Generally, litigation Lawyers provide litigation solutions on an hourly basis.

What will a Litigation Lawyer provide?

Whilst litigation is sometimes a time straining situation. A litigation lawyer will provide an affordable, appropriate and effective solution to your matter. Lawyers working within the court system give expert advice around legal proceedings. Their ultimate goal is to fulfill your interests in a way that is time effective and provides an effective result. If you have any questions around going to court or defending yourself against proceedings, it is best you direct these questions to a litigation lawyer.

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