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What Is A Not-For-Profit Lawyer?

Not-for-profit lawyers assist individuals, charities and not-for-profit entities, and community organisations that need advice on challenges they face in the industry. For example, not-for-profit lawyers can provide legal support on issues associated with tax, disputes and conflicts, agreements such as leases and government funding agreements, governance and insurance. There are numerous laws involved so it is prudent to contact a professional who understands its complexities and can advise you on what next step to take.

Generally, not-for-profit lawyers are highly experienced in advising on how not-for-profit organisations are structured and administered. It is recommended that you contact a specialist not-for-profit lawyer if you are considering either setting up an organisation, changing the structure of your organisation or ending your organisation. Some other examples of what not-for-profit lawyers can help with are:

  • Crowdfunding projects.
  • Advertising and marketing.
  • Sponsorships.
  • Gift deductibility.
  • GST.
  • Eligibility with government endorsements.
  • Commercial arrangements and constitutions.
  • Property matters.
  • Company and charitable structures.

Why Do I Need A Not-For-Profit Lawyer?

Not-for-profit lawyers should be a point of contact if you are looking for a qualified expert who can minimise risk, ensure your organisation’s compliance with the law and accommodate your organisation’s needs and interests. When you consult with a lawyer specialising in charities and not-for-profits, he or she will not only inform you of your legal obligations but also devise cost-effective and practical solutions. These expert lawyers are committed to securing you and your organisation a positive outcome.

How Much Will A Not-For-Profit Lawyer?

Not-for-profit lawyers, and lawyers in general charge either a fixed amount or an hourly rate. Also, fees may be calculated based on the solicitor’s expertise, seniority, location and whether the work is urgent. LawPath can connect you with a Not-For-Profit lawyer that is most suited to your needs. This allows you to choose a solution that is tailored to the legal work that you need done.

What Will A Not-For-Profit Lawyer Provide?

Not-for-profit lawyers will deliver you the best possible service and work towards an outcome that will benefit you and your organisation. These lawyers are focused on providing efficient solutions that are specifically catered to your situation. While keeping your best interests in mind, not-for-profit lawyers will instruct and guide you throughout the legal process from start to finish.

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