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What is a patent lawyer?

Patent lawyers are often confused with patent attorneys. A patent attorney primarily deals with the preparation and filing of patents due to their combination of legal and technical skills. Whereas a patent lawyer specialises in intellectual property and deals primarily with patent litigations in court.

Our lawyer network includes a wide range of patent lawyers who will be able to afford your ideas the right protection.

When will I need a patent lawyer?

A patent lawyer can assist you with any matters relating to your patent and the growth of your business. Patent lawyers will be able to help you in protecting your patent, as the requirements of the Australian Patent Office can sometimes be complex. A patent lawyer will be able to assist you in the commercialisation of your patent to ensure that it is a viable and most importantly, a protected product. You may also require a patent lawyer where your patent has been infringed and you need help in the enforcement of your patent.

What will a patent lawyer provide?

A patent lawyer will be able to provide you with specialised, expertise knowledge in the complex area of patent protection. They will be able to provide assistance to businesses of all forms and sizes to ensure that your ideas are adequately protected. A patent lawyer will provide you with expert advice on IP litigation matters and how to form commercial agreements for licenses. Utilising the skills of a patent lawyer will ensure that your business can enhance the commercial value of your patent and afford the best possible protection.

How much will a patent lawyer charge?

Legal costs can be unpredictable and expensive and can result in your ideas being subject to inadequate protection. Our aim at LawPath is to provide you with low cost legal options that are suited to your patent needs. By providing fixed priced quotes this means you are always aware of what the work will cost and can choose the solution which is best tailored to your individual situation.

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