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What is a Privacy Lawyer?

A privacy lawyer works to make businesses privacy compliant with their legal obligations to people who deal with the business. Privacy law regulates the handling of personal information about individuals. It is therefore in the interest of a business to implement the correct policies as well as understanding their rights and responsibilities under privacy law. Not only will a privacy lawyer defend a business where it is accused of breaching its obligations, but lawyers may also commence an action on behalf of individuals.

Why do I need a Privacy Lawyer?

If you run or manage a business, a privacy lawyer will be your expert in implementing a policy to ensure your privacy obligations are met. Primarily, if you operate a website online, it is highly recommended you have a privacy policy to protect your business and to inform customers of how their information is collected, used and managed. It is also crucial that the business adopt appropriate security measures to ensure personal information is kept secret. A lawyer who is an expert in privacy understands the importance of security and can advise you regarding the best step forward.

Besides preventative measures, privacy lawyers also advise clients when there is a privacy dispute or security breach. Not only can they defend against these claims, if you are an individual who has had information misused, a privacy lawyer will be able to take action against businesses ensuring an effective resolution.

How much will a Privacy Lawyer charge?

Depending on the work that a lawyer needs to complete, the charges and billing type will change. For the drafting of a simple privacy policy, lawyers are likely to charge a fixed-price. These fixed prices will vary based on the depth required. Generally, they will range from $500 to $1000. For advice and dispute resolution, privacy lawyers are likely to charge by the hour.

Legal costs can be unpredictable and expensive. Our aim at LawPath is to provide you with legal options that are fast, affordable and transparent. By providing you with fixed priced quotes, this means you are always aware of the costs and can choose the best solution for your business’s intellectual property matters.

What will a Privacy Lawyer provide?

Privacy lawyers will strive to provide an affordable, appropriate and effective solution to your matter. A privacy lawyer will provide you with expert advice surrounding the implementation of privacy policies and procedures. Besides this, they will provide specific policies that businesses require as well as advice for any disputes your business is involved in.