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What is a real estate lawyer?

The areas covered by a real estate lawyer is expansive and include both commercial and residential real estate. A real estate lawyer works to assist in the exchanges of property rights in real estate through various transactions. A real estate lawyer can help with simple conveyancing matters of drafting contracts to ensure that the client receives the best outcome. They will also be able to provide guidance with more complex transactions and disputes.

Our lawyer network includes a wide range of real estate lawyers who will be able assist you with your real estate needs.

When will I need a real estate lawyer?

Situations where you may require the expertise of a real estate lawyer include:

  • The buying or selling of your home;
  • Leasing your residential or commercial property;
  • If you need assistance settling a real estate dispute and competing claims over property;
  • Drafting real estate contracts and purchase agreements;
  • Property development;
  • Buying or selling your business;
  • Financing property.

Real estate is a vast area of law and real estate lawyers have the experience to handle all aspects of real estate transactions.

What will a real estate lawyer provide?

A real estate lawyer will be able to provide you with expert advice to ensure that your real estate interests are adequately protected and that you receive the best possible outcome. Real estate lawyers have a versed understanding of the property environment which will enable them to give you the right advice allowing you to make the best possible decisions.

How much will a real estate lawyer charge?

Legal costs can be unpredictable and expensive, with prices varying based on the property, market and . Our aim at LawPath is to provide you with legal options that are fast, affordable and tailored to your real estate needs. Our network allows you to connect with real estate lawyers best suited to your individual situation.

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