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What is a Risk Management Lawyer?

A risk management lawyer has expertise in managing the liability of a business by giving advice surrounding the practice of risk management. Risk management allows a business to identify different risks relating to business activities that can then be minimised through the implementation of certain procedures. Managing risk will reduce the possibility of claims and action being brought against a business whilst improving the business work environment and compliance costs.

A risk management lawyer is an expert in identifying risks and advising on management procedures. Importantly, certain industries have required standards of safety, lawyers in risk management will have industry specific knowledge and can inform businesses on where to improve.

Why do I need a Risk Management Lawyer?

For industry specific businesses, risk management compliance is a must. It will be best to engage with a lawyer to ensure that any procedural holes can be filled. If you are starting a business or moving with a new product or service, a lawyer will be able to advise you regarding specific regulations. If something happens to an employee at work, your business may be liable if you have not implemented the correct risk management procedures. A lawyer will be able to assist if there is a dispute.

How much will a Risk Management Lawyer charge?

Like most employment and business lawyers, the price risk management lawyers charge will depend on what work you business requires. Often, this will be based on what industry you are involved in and the industry specific requirements that need to be met. Risk management lawyers will generally charge by the hour, costs will change depending on the depth of work that the lawyer needs to complete.

LawPath only works with lawyers that provide risk management advice on a fixed-price basis. This ensures the pricing you receive is transparent and affordable. We provide our customers with a range of fixed-price quotes from our lawyer network to ensure you receive a lawyer at an affordable price.

What will a Risk Management Lawyer provide?

A risk management lawyer will provide rounded advice that is simple and effective. Using their extensive knowledge in workplaces, health and safety, they understanding the specific requirements for each industry. They will provide advice surrounding safety compliance, policy requirements and general ways to reduce your business’s liability.

Submitting a quote though LawPath, we’ll source you quotes from a range of expert risk management lawyers. All of our lawyers work on a fixed-price basis meaning you always know how much the process will cost.

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