This Entrepreneur is Empowering Adults with Disabilities: Story of Kimberly Gundani

Blossom Care Australia Kimberly Gundani

Kimberly Gundani is on a mission – a mission to improve the level of care provided to adults and young Australians living with a disability. After the Royal Commission into Aged Care revealed that a large number of disabled Australians receive their care through the aged-care sector, Kimberly got to thinking of ways she could help.

Kimberly knew that the aged-care sector was ill-equipped to meet the needs of young Australians and felt that the level of care needed to be improved. Having worked in the health services sector, Kimberly Gundani used her knowledge to formulate a plan to start a business.

In early 2020, Kimberly and her business partner started Blossom Care Australia. The idea was simple: take private tenancies and convert them into suitable accommodation for adults living with a disability.

In addition, the business would hire qualified and suitable carers such as disability support workers, psychiatric nurses and social workers, as well as provide respite and at-home services. The guiding light for Blossom Care Australia was to provide young Australians with options and empower them to have as much control over their lives as they can.

When Kimberly decided to start Blossom Care Australia, she knew that there would be a lot of legal issues to wade through including company setup, finding suitable properties, and hiring carers with the right credentials.

Beyond this, she would also need to ensure that the business complied with healthcare legislation and meet certain requirements to be a recognised National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider.

Seeing the wide variety of legal questions they’d need to answer, Kimberly started wondering if there was a more efficient and affordable alternative to hiring a traditional lawyer.

Using Lawpath has given us a competitive edge

Kimberly knew that with all the legal unknowns, she’d end up forking out thousands even before the business was off the ground.

She immediately started listening to business podcasts and researching online to learn about the complexities of the industry she was about to launch her business in. Not long after this, she came across a webinar hosted by Lawpath which provided information for employers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was here that Kimberly found out about Lawpath’s legal plans.

After looking into Lawpath, Kimberly found out that she could get access to all the legal guidance she needed at a reasonable cost.

By signing up to Lawpath’s Legal Advice Plan, Kimberly was able to have all her questions answered by a lawyer and felt confident knowing there was a solid legal team backing her business.

In addition, Kimberly could take care of the administrative aspects of her business by having access to more than 300 legal and business documents. Tackling these things early, Kimberly says, has not only saved her business money in the long-run, but also made life as a new business owner “incredibly easy”.

Prevention is better than cure

Kimberly has big plans for Blossom Care Australia – including opening more residences and becoming a leader in the disability care industry.

In the meantime, Kimberly plans to make the most out of being a member of the Legal Advice Plan, by having documents to use when she needs them and consulting with her lawyer as she builds her business.

With these aspects taken care of, Kimberly can focus on marketing Blossom Care and taking prospective residents on virtual tours. For other entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of starting their business, Kimberly’s advice is simple: Don’t wait.

Kimberly notes that sorting out your legals early on will yield long-term gains and that it’s one of the best investments her business has made.

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