Something changed in your business? Have you changed address, email or any contact details? If so, the Government requires that you update these details within 28 days of you becoming aware of the changes. It is important because it allows other businesses to verify your information. If you need to get an ABN, LawPath can help you register an ABN.

There is a solution! Online you are able to update:

  • The legal name of your business
  • Addresses including postal locations and email
  • Whether the business in public or private
  • The business structure
  • The industry code and main activities of the business
  • Other contact details

How to Change ABN Details Online

There are a few possible ways the Australian Business Register (ABR) lets you update these details.


An AUSkey gives you a secure login for online Government services for businesses. These services are more than just changing details, it also is a pathway for business to lodge their business activity statement (BAS).

Obtaining an AUSkey requires a business to verify their eligibility. Essentially, an AUSkey requires an ABN and an eligible associate. Once created, this person will have an administrator AUSkey, businesses are able to apply for subsequent AUSkeys.

Register for an AUSkey through the ABR.

Manage ABN Connections

An alternative to AUSkey, Manage ABN Connections lets someone connect ABNs to their myGov account where they are given the ability to update the ABN details after securely logging in. The ABR gives details on how to set this up.

Contacting the ABR

The ABR provides other methods, business can contact them directly. Alternatively, there is a form that can be submitted by mail after an order is placed.


As a business owner it is important that these details are kept updated. If you have recently change your business structure or your business is no longer active, consider our guide ‘How to Cancel Your ABN’. If you need further guidance concerning changing ABN details, then it is best to consult with LawPath where we can help register an ABN.

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