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Company Registrations in Australia

Company Registrations in Australia

Read this guide for everything you need to know about company registrations whether you've recently incorporated your business or are considering it.

18th March 2015

If you’ve recently incorporated your business or are looking into it, you might be interested in these statistics, compiled directly from the ASIC Company Register (1900-2014). Does your business fit in with any of these trends?

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Some of the more intriguing points that we came across include:

  • June marks the end of the financial year in Australia, and consequently is the most popular month for registering a company;
  • We’ve seen dramatic increases in company registrations over the past 2 decades, no doubt a result of better accessibility to information and more streamlined registration services;
  • Victoria is leading the way in terms of new registrations and company registrations per capita.

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Dominic Woolrych

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