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How to Build a Great Company Culture

How to Build a Great Company Culture

Building a good company culture will have a positive impact on all parts of your business. Find out how to do it in this article.

21st May 2020
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A lot of companies only pay attention to what they offer customers. But what about what you offer your employees? Many talented employees want more than just a well-paying job – they also want to work for a business they believe in. A core part of this is having a good workplace culture. Beyond attracting top talent, studies have shown that employees are more productive when morale in the workplace is high. In this article, we’ll provide some tips on how you can build a great company culture.

Defining company culture

Many employees will spend the majority of their time at work. If your employees dread coming into work everyday, then it is inevitably going to affect not only their mental health, but also the quality of the work they produce. In this sense, the environment in which your employees work is extremely important. Known as company or organisational culture, the effects of it are far-reaching. Your company culture is a combination of the behaviour and attitudes of all your employees, your management structure and how look after your employees. Building a great culture doesn’t happen overnight – but once you have a strong culture it will be hard to go back.

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How to build a great corporate culture

1. Start with a foundation

Think about what values you want your business to have. Once you’ve decided what you want your business’s values to be going forward, it’s time to let your team know. You can do this by hosting meetings and discussing your goals and how you can achieve them. All employees of your company need to understand this.

2. Hire the right people

Whilst building a foundation with existing employees is an essential tip, hiring is also important. Think about the kinds of people you want to hire. What personality types and characteristics will benefit your business? For many modern employers, personality is just as important as credentials. This is particularly true if you’re a startup and want to hire employees who will help build your business. Another thing to consider is that most people want to work for a reputable company and building a good reputation happens through your customers.

3. Communication

Communication is crucial for any successful business. You should emphasise the importance of clear and honest communication and lead by example. It’s also good to encourage your employees to get to know their co-workers on a personal level. Sometimes when co-workers don’t know each other they hesitate to interact and ask for help. A culture where your employees can work together easily and collaborate effectively will not only be good for your culture, but also your sales.

4. Listen

Moreover, being attentive and actively listening to your team members is very handy. This creates a sense of belonging and will make your employees feel valued. Your employees are also more likely to be loyal to your business if they feel like they enjoy their job and are treated well. Not just listening, but also helping out and being a hands-on leader also helps. Your employees are one of your most valuable resources and will probably have great ideas they can bring to the table.

5. Organise social activities

Although many employees may like to keep their professional and personal lives separate, it’s important to also bring a social aspect to your business. When your employees get to know you and each other as people, they will work together more effectively and enjoy coming to work that much more. Organising social events such as lunches, Friday drinks or parties to celebrate business milestones will reinforce the idea that you’re all in it together.


Overall, building a great company culture requires you to be proactive when it comes to your employees and their wellbeing. If you have a good company culture, then you’ll attract better employees and your employees will work better. Beyond this, if you’re known for being a good employer, then your customers will inevitably hear about it too.

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Sheza Shahid

Sheza is a legal intern at Lawpath. She is completing a Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie University. She is interested in corporate/commercial issues within the legal industry.