Where Can I Get Free Legal Advice in my State?

If you have a legal problem or even need to attend court, but can’t afford the legal fees then you can get free legal aid in your state. Some of these organisations have the capacity to legally represent you in your matter while others provide free legal advice and guide you in the right direction. They offer their services in many different areas of law including family, criminal, civil, immigration, financial, employment, consumer and many more.

Links to Free Legal Advice by State

Use the links below to find more information about free legal services in your state.


Legal Aid ACT

Pro Bono Referral Schemes

Legal Advice Bureau

Community Legal Services


New South Wales

Legal Aid NSW

Community Legal Centres NSW

Law Society of NSW Pro Bono Scheme

Financial Counsellors’ Association of NSW Inc


Northern Territory

Legal Aid NT

Community Legal Centres

Pro Bono Referral Schemes



Legal Aid QLD

Community Legal Centres QLD

Pro Bono Referral Schemes

Youth Advocacy Centres


South Australia

Legal Aid SA

Community Legal Centres

Justice Net



Legal Aid TAS

Community Legal Centres

Pro Bono Referral Schemes



Legal Aid VIC

Federation of Community Legal Centres Victoria

Victims Support Agency


Western Australia

Legal Aid WA

Community Legal Centres

Pro Bono Referral Schemes

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