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How do I create a Corporate Trustee?

How do I create a Corporate Trustee?

Thinking about managing your trust using a company as trustee? Read our guide on how to create a corporate trustee structure.

13th December 2017

A corporate trustee structure is one option for managing assets. This arrangement can prove suitable and advantageous for your goals; however, the process may be tedious if you are unsure where to start. In this simple guide, we show you how to establish a corporate trustee so you can maximise your asset management.

Through LawPath’s company registration, you can establish a corporate trustee.

What is a corporate trustee?

A corporate trustee is a structure that has a company as the trustee, and the members of the trust are called directors. It is necessary to register your company if you choose this structure.

How Do I Create a Corporate Trustee

1. Register a Company

If you choose a corporate trustee structure, you must first register the company that will become the trustee. You will need to appoint a Director and Shareholder to the company.

Once you have completed the online application form, it will be submitted to ASIC. You will receive your ACN and Company Certificate within 10-15 minutes of completing the application. You will need your company name and ACN for establishing the trust.

2. Set up the Trust

When your company registration is complete, you are ready to set up the trust. You will need the ACN and company name to establish the corporate trustee of the trust.

You will need to complete a trust deed. This is a legal document where you identify the rules and operation of the trust.

A business lawyer can provide expert information and advice on the best way to manage your assets and ensure you satisfy the legal requisites of establishing a corporate trustee.

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