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Is it Illegal to Use Your Mobile Phone and Drive?

Is it Illegal to Use Your Mobile Phone and Drive?

You're driving down the motorway and an important call comes in: do you let it go to voice mail or answer? Read our guide before reaching for the phone.

19th April 2016
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Is it Illegal to Use Your Mobile Phone and Drive?

In today’s society, owning a mobile phone is almost compulsory. For many, mobile phones contain a person’s life: friends, family, calendars, reminders, enjoyment and internet access. Similarly it’s common for people to own or drive a car. We know that it’s dangerous and careless to use your phone whilst driving, but is it actually illegal?

Learners and P1 Drivers

Learners and P1 Drivers cannot operate phones at all in all states and territories except Western Australia, Tasmania and ACT.


Texting whilst driving is illegal in all states and territories in Australia. It is also illegal when you’re stationary and not parked. So for example, if you stop at a red light on any street, you may possibly be stationary, however you are not parked. Thereby it would be illegal as you are not parked.

If, however, you are stationary and parked, then it is legal for you to text. For example, if you pull over on the side of the road and put the car in park and utilise the handbrake, then you will be able to text and drive.

Legal to Text and Drive

  • Stationary and parked

Illegal to Text and Drive

  • Whilst driving
  • Whilst stationary but not parked (stopped at red traffic light)

Other Phone Uses

For other uses of phones (GPS, calls, music, etc.), the legality of phone use varies between states and territories. Though it is illegal to use any hand-held phone across the country, there are certain circumstances that will permit you to use your phone in accordance with their other purpose.


Though it is very difficult for you to use the main functions of the mobile phone whilst driving, there are multiple solutions to ensuring that you have access to your phone’s features. Simply purchasing an approved commercially manufactured cradle and a hands-free system will quell all worries regarding legality. The danger and risk associated with using phones whilst driving, however, is your choice.

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